First we will determine the condition of your carpet to identify problem spots or extremely soiled areas. We then discuss with you the probability of these stains coming out during the cleaning process. Our preparation consists of using a vacuum to ensure maximum dry soil removal (it’s easier to remove dry soil rather than mud) This step is often overlooked by many cleaners and may prove to be one of the most important steps. We then treat heavily soiled areas with a pre-spotter to loosen entrenched oils and dirt.

Our next step is to apply the carpet cleaning solution and give it some dwell time to help suspend and surround the soil that has “released itself” from the carpet fibers.  Next we run a scrubbing machine over the carpets that agitates the solution onto the fibers from all angles and helps insure the soil is getting removed from the carpet fibers. Any remaining encapsulated soil will be removed with subsequent routine vacuuming.