How to deal with pet hair on your chair

Pet Hair


How do deal with pet hair on your chair.  We all love our pets!!  But lets face it.  Some of our favorite furry friends can sure leave a lot of hair behind with all the shedding!  To help with removing pet hair on your furniture you’ll want to start by removing as much of the pet hair as possible by vacuuming it with the hose attachment of the vacuum cleaner. After you vacuum, put on rubber cleaning gloves and dip them in cold water. Shake your hands so that the gloves are damp but not dripping water. Then, wearing the dampened rubber gloves, run your hands across the furniture fabric in one direction. This should gather the pet hair together in a little roll that you can easily pick up and throw in the trash.  Keep wiping all of the fabric in this manner until it is free of pet hair. After this is done you may choose to give it one final vacuum to insure all of the hair is removed.

I really hope this helps you in keeping your furniture looking the best it can when you’ve got shedding animals in your house!  Do Cn’t forget to call Papa Bear Carpet Care for all your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs!  We are a family owned, local business that really cares about our customers and want to establish a long term carpet cleaning relationship.

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