I have questions…

Q: How soon can I walk on my floor after cleaning?

A: Our encapsulation cleaning process does leave some moisture in the carpet. Typical dry time is between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the airflow in the home, condition and style of carpet being cleaned. It is completely safe to walk on the carpet as long as you’re comfortable with the cleanliness of your feet. Feel free to ask your service technician for a complimentary pair of shoe coverings.

Q: Should I move my furniture?

A: We typically use one man crews which makes moving furniture difficult and dangerous. We ask that you have all items you want out of the room before we arrive. Your technician will do a great job cleaning around any items left in the room.

Q: What do you consider an area?

A: We consider any area to be one room like a small bedroom, living room or den. If you have any large areas that exceed 300 square feet, the area will be counted as two or more areas.